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Our scrubs, butters and body mists are superior

Client Feedback

Sol to Sol Organics is dedicated to bringing its customers all-natural, certified organic & cruelty-free products made from scratch and with love. We recognize the importance of our customers’ feedback of our products, and greatly welcome any comments, suggestions, testimonies or rave reviews, which will certainly help us keep you happy! Please visit us on Facebook and Instagram

Remember the Amex commercial, "Don't leave home without it?" Well, I can't go to sleep without a spritz of Sol to Sol's "Tobacco Vanilla Body, Room and Pillow Mist" on my pillow :-)! Yep, I'm an addict for life :-)!!

Rating *****


The body/hair wash is EVERYTHING! It leaves my hair feeling very clean and fresh. The texture of my hair seems to be getting softer and stronger too! Glad I ran into you all!!!

Rating *****


Wonderful products!!! Brought the Body butter and body scrub. This will be my go to products from now on!!

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Your natural products are awesome, I'm looking forward to using even more of your products in the near future.....

Rating *****

Cee Cee

These products are truly amazing! From the hair products to the deodorants! Just knowing that they are all natural makes it even better. I am completely obsessed with the tropical oasis body scrub and butter! The scent is wonderful and this butter just melts into your skin leaving you with a non greasy glow I use them everyday! I can't say enough about these products except sol to sol organics your products will make great gifts you might want to start getting ready for Christmas!

Rating *****



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Your skin is your body's largest organ! Why trust chemical laden products, when you can use Sol to Sol Organics..... Pure, all-natural & Organic

Adrienne Carter- Developer & CEO

I’m completely in love with Sol to Sol Organics. The mint lip balms is very hydrating. The tropical body butter smells amazing and is really smooth it feels like nothing’s there. And the tropical body scrub leave your skin so soft plus it smell just like pineapples.

Rating *****


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